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Harvest Paradise

Our First
Harvest Paradise


In December 2021, construction of the first “Harvest Paradise” project was completed in Kakwema Village, on the outskirts of Kisumu City, Kenya.

“Harvest Paradise” was officially launched in February 2022 as a community upliftment project. This project enables people to acquire safe and inexpensive drinking water without completing time-consuming journeys. The project has also introduced various workshops where people in the local community can earn an income. The project was completed with financial support from Saraya Co. Ltd.

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The heart of Harvest Paradise is the water kiosk. These women no longer have to complete difficult, time-consuming journeys to fetch water. They now have the  opportunity to earn an income.

Harvest Paradise Income:

We plan to construct a water bottling facility which will provide a source of income for the project in Kenya. We plan to sell bottled water as an original product to hotels, bars, supermarkets etc. to cover the necessary expenses for the operation of Harvest Paradise.

Bottling Specifications (Planned):

Water treatment process: Sand Filtration – MF Membrane – RO membrane – UV Sterilization.
Bottling method: Manual
Production capacity: 500ml x 15,000 bottles/day.